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Ecosia is a search engine that uses its revenues to plant trees across the world.

Founded in 2009, Ecosia uses the profits from its advertising revenue to plant trees across the world. It takes approximately 45 web searches on Ecosia to plant one tree. Please note Ecosia is powered by Microsoft Bing, so you will get different results to the ones shown on Google.

How You Can Help

Time: Under 5 mins +

Switch your default browser to Ecosia and use it instead of our current search engines.

If you’re a student, you could consider running an ‘Ecosia on Campus’ project, and be part of a global community of students campaigning to make Ecosia the default search engine at universities worldwide.

Cost: Free to use Ecosia, various other costs to support the organisation

Switching to Ecosia as a default browser is free. However, you can directly donate between £10.00 – £80.00 GDP towards tree-planting for various causes.

Ecosia do not accept donations themselves, but do encourage donations towards their reforestation partners, which can be found listed on the Ecosia website.

You can also browse the Ecosia shop, which stocks zero-waste apparel, tote bags and wall art.

Ecosia have also launched Treecard, a wooden Mastercard which uses the interchange from a card transaction (the standard fee paid by merchants to accept card payments) to plant trees, at no extra cost to you. You can sign up now on the Treecard app to join the waiting list for a free card.

Location: Global, Online

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(This information was updated 06/08/21 and will be checked regularly by the Do Something Directory team. If you notice any mistakes, please let us know.)


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