Beauty Banks

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Beauty Banks provide personal care and toiletries to those experiencing hygiene poverty.

Beauty Banks distribute unused toiletries to registered charitable organisations throughout Britain which then pass them on to those in need, thus alleviating hygiene poverty and improving the self-worth and mental health of those experiencing poverty and deprivation.

How You Can Help

Time: Under 30 minutes

Set up your own Beauty Banks (e.g. for your office, home, school, etc.) by printing out the materials provided in the Beauty Kits (available on the organisation’s website as a PDF download).

Cost: Various

Make a donation of your choice to the initiative via GoFundMe, or purchase one of the official Beauty Banks Cosmetics Bags from Superdrug for £4.99 GDP. You can also donate via the organisation’s Easho wishlist

Over 100 Superdrug stores in the UK host ‘Beauty Spot’ donation bins where you can drop off unused products from home, or those purchased in store. Each participating store is partnered with a charity in their community who receives their donations.

Location: UK

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