Resources to Find & Support Black-Owned Businesses

white on yellow graphic reading 'Resources to Find & Support Black-Owned Businesses'

We’ll keep this swift: if you’re looking to support black-owned businesses, wherever you are in the world, here are some fantastic resources to kick off your shopping. As well as these dedicated sites and pages, there are lots of dedicated news articles out there – just pop a phrase like ‘black owned businesses’ into your favourite search engine.

UK Black Owned Businesses

Based in the UK, UKBOB is a searchable directory listing a variety of businesses, from bartenders to publishing houses to wedding planners. Either search by business category and location or browse The Black Book, its entire catalogue.

200+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops, Compiled by The Mad Mommy

This (by no means-exhaustive, continually-updated) list is set out into different sections for various products and services. You can browse by Gift Shops & Home Goods, Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories, Bath & Body, etc.

For those of you new to Etsy, it’s a US retail site focusing on vintage, handmade and hand crafted goods. Most shops are run by individuals or very small businesses. You can also choose to shop locally.

Janet’s List

Janet’s List is a London-based site curating businesses owned by women of colour. You can browse by brands and types of products, including hair, jewellery and hosiery.

Janet’s List also has a podcast, hosted by founder Janet Oganah, and Adonica Simmons.

brass half-moon earrings by Yala Jewellery, as seen on Janet's List.
These 3-way earrings are by Yala Jewellery and available here.

Buy Black Global on Instagram

Founded by Cambridge University student Kanchelli Iddrisu, Buy Black Global promotes black-owned businesses via grants, workshops and markets on Insta.

Open Source Spreadsheets

We’ve found a couple of excellent spreadsheets, via the Black Lives Matters carrd and Twitter, and will endeavour to add to this list as we find more! Unfortunately we’re not sure exactly who runs and updates each doc, so we can’t credit you – if you know who we should be thanking, let us know! These docs are often open for editing, so please do consider adding any businesses you know.