logo of search engine Ocean Hero

OceanHero is a search engine using ad revenue to remove plastic from the world’s oceans.

Founded in 2019, OceanHero uses the revenue from its adverts to help communities around the world who are affected by plastic pollution. They help to recover ocean-bound plastic, while also supporting a global infrastructure of plastic collection hubs. Its partner Plastic Bank has clean-up and recycling operations in Haiti and Indonesia. OceanHero are also building a micro recycling planting the Philippines with the NGO Trash-Waste-Solutions

How You Can Help

Time: Under 5 minutes

You can add the OceanHero browser extension to Chrome in minutes.

OceanHero do not advertise for volunteers, but if you like Ocean Hero and have an idea of how you could help them, you can get in touch with the organisation via their website.

Cost: None

OceanHero do not accept individual donations.

Location: Online, Global, Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia

Find out morehttps://oceanhero.today/

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