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People in Harmony is a UK charity promoting the positive experiences of interracial life and challenging racism.

People in Harmony (PIH) is a membership organisation for mixed-race people, families and couples Established in 1972, People in Harmony raises awareness of mixed-race issues, empowers mixed-race families and individuals, engages with organisations and communities and creates support networks and events.

How You Can Help

Time: Various

There are several volunteering opportunities available with PIH. Visit their website for details of vacancies and how to get involved. You could become a regular volunteer with a local PIH group, or help out with a single event.

PIH are looking for volunteers to help with their website, updating their resources, event organisation/fundraising, and also to become trustees.

Please note: Roles with PIH do generally require volunteers to have some personal experience of mixed-race issues.

Cost: Various

Make a direct donation to PIH via PayPal, or Amazon Smile.

You can also become a member of the PIH as an individual, couple or family. Your membership includes a welcome pack, regular magazine, access to annual events are other extras.

Annual subscription costs for the above categories are £12 waged, or £5 unwaged.

Anyone who is supportive of PIH’s aims is welcome to join the membership and participate in discussions and activities.

Location: United Kingdom

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