Project Sunshine

logo of a building with a sun on it, alongside the words 'Project Sunshine'

Project Sunshine transforms hospitals and other healthcare settings into child-friendly spaces for paediatric patients.

Project Sunshine operates programs in 5 countries, impacting over 150,000 paediatric patients and their families. Its volunteers work in hospitals and other medical environments, providing engaging, creative and educational activities for children. This helps with their mental health and long-term treatment, supports hospital staff and provides respite for caregivers.

How You Can Help

Time: Various and flexible, likely a few hours per week + | affected by Covid-19

Please Note: Due to the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, in-person volunteer activities with Project Sunshine were halted in March 2020 and may still be disrupted. However, online volunteering opportunities through the organisation’s TelePlay system are available. See below on how to join as a volunteer:

If you are a university student in the United States, you may be able to join an existing Project Sunshine College Chapter and be part of a team delivering play and activities to children. New college chapter applications are not currently being accepted, but these will resume in September 2021.

All college volunteers are asked to commit at least one academic year to Project Sunshine.

If you are not a student but are over 18, you could become a community volunteer, as part of a local chapter. If you are starting your own chapter there is a one-year commitment, otherwise volunteering with Project Sunshine is flexible. Frequency requirements vary per chapter.

If you are under 18 there are other volunteering opportunities available – click here for further details.

Cost: Various

Donate to Project Sunshine, either with a one-time gift or on a monthly basis. You can also donate cryptocurrency (either Bitcoin or Ethereum) here.

You can also donate to Project Sunshine’s Covid-19 campaign ‘Delivering the Healing Power of Play’, which provides activity kits to children in hospitals who can’t receive visits from their families, and helps them connect with volunteers and other children through video conferencing.

Location: Canada, China, Israel, Kenya, United States

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logo of a building with a sun on it, alongside the words 'Project Sunshine'