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Bloody Good Period is a UK charity providing menstrual products for asylum seekers, refugees and people who cannot afford them.

Bloody Good Period is partnered with over 100 drop-in centres to provide menstrual products for refugees, asylum seekers and those who cannot afford them. It also works to educate communities about sexual and reproductive health and normalise conversations around menstruation.

How You Can Help

Time: Various | affected by Covid-19

Please Note: Volunteering opportunities are currently limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic, volunteers would help process donations of sanitary products from the organisation’s Alexandra Palace storage unit in London. However, these activities are currently on hold until large-scale volunteering can resume.

However, you can sign up to their email updates to receive news about when volunteering opportunities become available again.

Cost: Various

Make a donation of your choice, either as a one-off gift or as a monthly contribution, or shop pins, T-shirts and badges. You can also set up your own fundraising campaign in support of Bloody Good Period.

Please Note: Please do not currently send Bloody Good Period donations of pads, as the organisation still can’t work with large groups of volunteers to process physical donations.

Location: UK

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