Our Plan for an Interactive Map (and how you can help us build it!)

green on white text reading 'News & Updates Our Plan for an Interactive Map (and how you can help us build it!'

As part of our recent website revamp, we’ve updated our Directory page so you can browse locations by region, as well as finding online-only and global organisations. But now we want to go one better and offer you an interactive map, with the option to select a region, town, city or even postcode and find organisations local to that place.

We’d like to add the option to filter topics, time and money required within location searches – so if you’re in our hometown of Southend-on-Sea, for example, and want to find local feminist charities, you can type in ‘Southend-on-Sea’ then select the Gender Equality category. Alternatively, you could just select the Gender Equality filter and click around the map looking at different places and what’s on offer!

Here is a prototype of such a map, with different topics in different colours. Each entry will ‘live’ at the address listed as its headquarters, plus locations we know the organisation works in. With large, global organisations such as the Save the Children or the WWF, which work in many regions and nations, we will do our best to be specific with locations but otherwise may select a more generic location such as the county or city we know they operate in.

screenshot of a map of the word with dots on it

How you can help us build the map

While there are many websites available to create an interactive map, we’ve decided we would rather work with a professional programmer to develop a bespoke, in-house version we can host right here on the Do Something Directory, instead of sending you off to another website or embedding an advert-filled, not-quite-perfect map onto one of our pages.

If you would like to help us build and maintain our map, please consider using PayPal.me or our Support page to make a financial donation to the Do Something Directory. We are a non-profit organisation (we don’t even pay ourselves!) so we rely on our readers to keep the lights on and help us out with our website expenses and, of course, our wonderful map! We estimate that it would likely cost in the hundreds of pounds (GBP) to create a bespoke map on top of our other expenses, so we are tentatively planning to begin researching and developing it during the middle of 2022, with a 2023 launch.

If you can’t chip in but would like to help us out, please consider giving us a follow or like on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and tell your friends about us! We will be updating this page periodically with updates, so keep an eye out for further developments.

Francesca and Sarah

Last updated 13th October 2021.


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