3SG BaNES (Bath and North East Somerset 3rd Sector Group)

3SG BaNES logo

Based in Bath and North East Somerset, 3SG is a membership network that supports the local charity, faith, volunteer and social enterprise sector (also known as the ‘third sector).

A registered charity, 3SG promotes and runs events supporting local community organisations in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES). It facilitates communication between different groups and offers strategic, one-to-one support for its members. It also works directly with the people of Bath and North East Somerset with its Compassionate Community initiative, which mobilises volunteers to help residents with things like grocery shopping, prescription pick ups and by providing online and offline resources for residents struggling with issues such as housing and mental health.

Note: we have taken the decision to list 3SG under the categories of the charities and organisations it supports and promotes; predominately social topics including Culture, Children and Young People, Elderly & Older People, Everyday Life, Mental Health, Physical Health and Poverty & Homelessness. The list of charities 3SG supports is ever-growing so please let us know if we have omitted a category! You are welcome to submit individual organisations to the Directory.

How You Can Help

Time: typically a few hours to several days

Check the 3SG website for current volunteering opportunities, such as helping with the local vaccine roll out.

Money: various

Donate to 3SG via Local Giving (note donation amounts are set at a £2 minimum).

Location: Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

Find out more: https://www.3sg.org.uk/

(This information was updated 21/02/22 and will be checked regularly by the Do Something Directory team. If you notice any mistakes, please let us know.)

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