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Trans Rescue is a non-profit helping transgender people to legally and safely escape from dangerous places and situations.

Based in the Netherlands, Trans Rescue provides safe, legal options for transgender people to travel out of their country of origin, providing help at various stages, such as leaving an abusive home and moving into a hotel, then leaving one country and spending time in another before moving on again. Trans Rescue helps people to claim asylum or apply for long-term residency. It operates under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, ensuring that it never breaks the laws of any country it operates in. All people travel via ‘conventional carriers’ such as train or aeroplane. Trans Rescue also operates projects in specific places, such as building Eden House in Kenya, a safe, communal living space for trans people in Nakuru.

How You Can Help

Time: varied; typically several hours at a time

Trans Rescue is always looking for volunteers, from translators to legal interns to content writers. Note that most local work goes on in the Trans Rescue offices in Enschede, the Netherlands, but there are opportunities for international volunteers, especially working with people who in transit or recently arrived.

Money: typically £10 minimum at a time

Donate to Trans Rescue on a one-off or monthly basis via its website.

Location: Based in the Netherlands; operating in Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lebanon, the Maldives, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, the UK, the USA and Yemen

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(This information was updated 28/11/22 and will be checked regularly by the Do Something Directory team. If you notice any mistakes, please let us know.)


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