How to Support a Charity or Non-Profit Using Social Media (in less than three minutes)

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Time pressed and frustrated you can’t do more to support your favourite charity, community group or non-profit organisation? If you’re active on social media, you actually have a lot of power at your fingertips – even if you don’t have a six figure follower count. Here are our top tips for supporting your favourite organisations in less than three minutes:

Share the organisation’s posts

Not so often you irritate everyone you know, mind you. Share strategically! Send a post directly to a friend who would be interested, share a news post post to your stories or mention a friend in the comments of a post with a quick ‘would you be interested in this?’ Sharing is far more efficient than just generating ‘likes’ for the post or page.

Comment on posts

Algorithms generally reward ‘content’ that generates ‘engagement.’ (We don’t like that everything in the universe seems to have been reduced to content, but that’s a conversation for another day.) So engage! Comment with a response to an interesting post and maybe even get a comment thread going. This will boost the organisation’s chances of being seen on the ‘explore’ page of the social media site, or showing in the ‘suggested for you’ section of a feed.

Make your own post about the organisation

Whether you share a graphic they’ve created, share a photo or video of your own involvement or just post some words about what the organisation means to you, you’ll be helping your organisation hugely. Don’t forget to mention and/or tag them with the handle they use on that platform, or they won’t be able to see it!

We hope you find these tips helpful – and we’d love to know if you have any suggestions!

Last updated 7th January 2023.


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