About the Do Something Directory

Our Story

Started in 2019, the Do Something Directory is a resource for anyone who’s come across an issue and wanted to do something about it, but not known where to start.

We live in a hyper-connected world and it’s hard to switch off from the latest political disaster/climate change disaster/terrorist attack. It’s easy to feel trapped and stuck, unable to do anything about the issues we care about because we don’t have the money or the time.

That’s where the Do Something Directory comes in. We allow you to browse causes you care about, and filter causes by the time or money required of you. Have 5 spare minutes and want to help advocate for LGBT rights worldwide? Join AllOut. Have a spare £5 a month and want to help the planet’s wildlife? Try the WWF.

Are you a member of a charity or organisation that you think we’d like to include? Submit your organisation and we’ll get back to you!

Want to support the Do Something Directory?

Please consider chipping in via PayPal, using the Support page. This site doesn’t aim to make a profit, but any donations will help cover website expenses and pay contributors. Do you have feedback for us? This site is in beta mode, and we welcome all suggestions for improvement. Get in touch at dosomethingdirectory@outlook.com.

Time for a disclaimer…

The Do Something Directory is not affiliated with, nor responsible for, the content of the organisations we list. We do not own the logos of any of the organisations listed. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information we provide is correct and up-to-date; we cannot be held responsible if an organisation has changed its structure or its aims after being featured. If you’re involved with an organisation listed and would like to suggest a change or point out an inaccuracy, please get in touch at dosomethingdirectory@outlook.com. Views expressed through our blog posts and social media are personal and not affiliated with third party organisations.

About the Team

We tricked you with the word team… The Do Something Directory is currently a one-person show, run by Francesca Burke. If you see her around, say hi!