Ratings System

We get it: you’re time poor and strapped for cash. Or maybe you’ve got spare time but no expandable income, or money you’d like to spend on causes you care about but no time to put it to use. Our ratings guide lets you know how much it’ll cost you to join in with an organisation, fundraise for a charity or buy a product. It also tells you how much time each organisation requires of you.

Of course, each organisation and charity would love to receive even more money or time than we’ve estimated they require – we’ve rated each entry by the minimum required of you.

Note that as the Do Something Directory is a British organisation, we use pounds sterling (GBP) as our currency.

Cost Involved

  • Under £10
  • £10-£50
  • £50-£100
  • £100-£200
  • Over £200

Time Involved

  • Under 5 Minutes
  • Under 30 Minutes
  • About an Hour
  • A Few Hours
  • 1 Day
  • 1 Day or Longer