Children in Need

Children in Need is a BBC charity working to improve the lives of Children in the UK. BBC Children in Need has hosted an annual fundraising telethon since 1980 in pursuit of its mission to help ensure every child in the UK is safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach theirContinue reading “Children in Need”

Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period is a UK charity providing menstrual products for asylum seekers, refugees and people who cannot afford them. Bloody Good Period is partnered with over 100 drop-in centres to provide menstrual products for refugees, asylum seekers and those who cannot afford them. It also works to educate communities about sexual and reproductive healthContinue reading “Bloody Good Period”

Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks provide personal care and toiletries to those experiencing hygiene poverty. Beauty Banks distribute unused toiletries to registered charitable organisations throughout Britain which then pass them on to those in need, thus alleviating hygiene poverty and improving the self-worth and mental health of those experiencing poverty and deprivation. How You Can Help Time: UnderContinue reading “Beauty Banks”